Décor That’s as Easy as A, B, C!

Décor That’s as Easy as A, B, C!

We’ve got your wall décor covered all the way from A to Z! Hand-painted by artist Mary Clare Wilkie (she works for us!), our Floral Letters are literally blooming with creativity. Available in an assortment of colors, every uppercase letter is formed from branches and floral vines teeming with colorful flowers. Since each letter is old separately, we’ve brainstormed a few fun ideas to help you use each and every letter. And we’re not ashamed to say that one of our brilliant suggestions has to do with the holidaseason!

For all of your holiday celebrations, give the gift with a personal touch! Start by selecting the letter of your loved one’s first or last name. Once you’ve received your order from us, we recommend framing these 24” letters for the perfect gift. Simply choose the color of paper you’d like to see behind the letter, apply the decal, and choose your frame! Repeat those steps until your entire gift list is complete. Now, that’s what we call gift-giving made easy.

For an adorable nursery, playroom, or preschool classroom, apply our Floral Letters beginning with A and ending with Z! Arrange each letter around a chair rail or at the base of the ceiling for an educational (but pretty) border. Not your style? Create a focal point by clustering them together in the middle of an open space, stretching the alphabet down your wall with several lines of letters. Need one last idea? Cascade the letters down your wall to create a border or wallpapered look that’s a little funkier!

Ditch the frame and apply our Floral Letters directly in your space. Whether it’s a first initial, last initial, or a full name spelled out in its entirety, personalize your bedroom, your living room, or even that extra bit of wall in your bathroom. Choosing to use our Floral Letters as a monogram above your kids’ beds is another great way to denote personalized space, especially in a shared room.

Have you ordered our Floral Letters yet? Since there’s tons of ways to employ each and every letter, we’d love to see what you came up with for your space. Be sure to upload your creations to Instagram and tag @urbanwalls with #thesearemyurbanwalls so we can all be inspired by one another!

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