Everyone has a story. One day you’re following the prescribed path only to find it has veered from the course. But as you follow the unforeseen trail, you begin to realize that perhaps your whole life has prepared you for the destination. You couldn’t have planned it, and you certainly never dreamed it.

Urbanwalls is our story—our unexpected path that has filled our lives with so much beauty.

In 2009, after the birth of our second son (Max), I was searching for a creative outlet where I could put 10 years of graphic design and print experience to work. As a stay-at- home mom with a husband who often traveled, I didn’t have a ton of spare time…but I did have nights and a rather large cutter taking up space in the garage.

On a whim, I decided to design a few wall decals—decals that I would actually want to hang in my own home, nothing tacky or dated. After experimenting with the cutter to create my own designs, I listed a few on Etsy. Maybe others were searching for a way to make their homes a little brighter, their spaces more individualized? I woke up the next morning with my first sale and I thought, “Well…I guess it’s time to invest in some vinyl.”

Fast-forward a few years. With the arrival of our baby girl, my husband Paul quit his job to specialize in marketing and production for our Urbanwalls, now a full-fledged family company. Together, we learned how to nurture and grow a business from the ground up. With the help of amazing brands, a network of geniuses, a great team, and hundreds of influencers who came alongside to partner with us, Urbanwalls has taken on a life of its own…one I never pictured that night as I bent over my old clunky cutter in the garage.

But something that will never change is our love for a well-designed space. Using our kids as inspiration, I always ask myself what’s missing from the children’s décor and the little overlooked nooks in my own home. What kind of designs would turn a house into a home, an office into an oasis?

With the appeal of wallpaper and a level of permanence that supports designer ADD, we’re continually creating decals that allow changes and swaps to décor (without hurting any walls). From designers to those who claim no creativity, we enable our customers to think outside of the box, inspiring them to fall in love with the spaces that surround them.

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