My Unexpected Journey: From Stay-at-home-Mom to Urbanwalls Founder

My Unexpected Journey: From Stay-at-home-Mom to Urbanwalls Founder

Reflecting on my journey to this moment, I'm struck by the unforeseen path that led me here. At 43, with two teens, a lively 10-year-old, and my faithful Aussie Shepherd, I never imagined myself at the helm of Urbanwalls.

Before Urbanwalls, I was simply a graphic designer with a knack for crafting beauty. The notion of designing wall decor hadn't crossed my mind until one evening, when I found myself yearning for a creative outlet. Little did I know, that fleeting impulse would alter the trajectory of my life.

Danielle, owner of Urbanwalls, installing the Blue Medallion Wallpaper.

With my middle child barely a year old and my husband frequently away on business, I longed for a creative escape. So, armed with my laptop, I delved into designs. Back then, wall decals were uninspired, and as we settled into our new home, I struggled to find pieces that resonated with our space. That's when inspiration struck—to create my own decals.

Launching Urbanwalls was a leap into the unknown. No experience in entrepreneurship, no roadmap—just a gut feeling and a desire to create. I'll never forget the rush of that first sale on Etsy—the mix of elation and disbelief propelling me forward.

Blue Medallion Wallpaper behind office desk.

But birthing a business amidst the chaos of early motherhood was no small feat. Sleepless nights melded diaper changes with design deadlines, and days were riddled with uncertainty. Yet, amidst the chaos, my determination to pursue my passion remained steadfast.

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As Urbanwalls burgeoned, so did the challenges. The arrival of COVID in 2020 dealt yet another blow. With the Canadian border shuttered and shipping logistics in disarray, change was imperative. Thus, my family and I uprooted to sunny Arizona, where Urbanwalls found a new haven.

Danielle, owner of Urbanwalls, working on her laptop in her office.

Looking back, I'm humbled by the opportunities and the unwavering support I've received. From loyal customers to dedicated employees, their belief in me fueled Urbanwalls' ascent.

And here I stand—a mom turned entrepreneur—still in awe of the improbable journey life has charted. It's been a whirlwind—fraught with uncertainty, late-night design sessions, and moments of doubt. Yet, amidst it all, I've learned that life's most remarkable treasures often emerge from the unlikeliest of places. And for that, I'm endlessly grateful. 

Danielle, owner of Urbanwalls, looking at the Blue Medallion Wallpaper.

Whether you're a stay-at-home mom nurturing little ones or a recent graduate feeling uncertain about the future, I want to share a piece of advice that's been invaluable to me: just start. Begin right where you are, with whatever resources you have on hand. Don't wait for perfect conditions or for everything to fall into place. Life has a way of unfolding as it's meant to, so muster up the courage to take that first step. Embrace both the enjoyable moments and the challenging ones, trusting in the process. You'll be amazed when you look back and see how far you've come.

So here's to Urbanwalls, and to the incredible journey that brought me here. Here's to chasing dreams, defying expectations, and making the world a little bit more beautiful, one decal at a time.

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