Sisterhood and Style: Urbanwalls Wallpaper in a Shared Girls' Room

Sisterhood and Style: Urbanwalls Wallpaper in a Shared Girls' Room

Meeting Elisha: A Design Maven's Pursuit of Simplicity

Our recent visit to Scottsdale Design Services brought us to Elisha's serene condo in the heart of Scottsdale, Arizona. Elisha's commitment to simplicity and intentional living inspired us, sparking a collaboration to elevate her space.

Elisha looking at the Watercolor Meadow Wall Mural in her daughters shared bedroom.

Exploring Elisha's Tranquil Condo Retreat

Nestled in the heart of Scottsdale, Elisha's condo is a tranquil retreat from the bustling city life. Downsizing to embrace simplicity, she has curated a space that balances functionality with beauty, reflecting her mindful approach to living.

Optima Kierland apartment in Scottsdale Arizona. View from the girls bedroom. Balconies covered in lush greenery.

Discovering the Perfect Peel and Stick Mural

Our latest Heirloom collection unveiled the perfect peel and stick mural for Elisha's daughters' shared bedroom. With meticulous customization to fit her space, the mural's intricate design captivated Elisha's attention.


A before look at the girls bedroom. White walls and two beds in a 20ft long room.

The Enchantment of the Wildflower Mural

Elisha was enamored by the Wildflower Meadow wall mural's serene color palette—a blend of lush greens and blues, adorned with delicate florals in shades of pinks and corals, creating a whimsical, girly ambiance. Its seamless integration with her condo's surroundings brought the outdoors indoors.


Watercolor Meadow Wall Mural sample in front of a girls bed and bare white walls.

Tips and Tricks for Installation

Danielle preparing to install the Watercolor Meadow Wall Mural.


Spanning across 11 panels, the installation process began with precision and care. Each panel, meticulously aligned and overlapped, transformed the space into a vintage landscape, reflecting the mural's timeless allure.

Click here to view our full wall mural installation video for step-by-step instructions on the perfect install in your space!

Selecting the Right Substrate

Our peel and stick mural is available in three substrates to accommodate diverse home needs—standard adhesive vinyl, textured peel and stick vinyl for textured walls, and prepasted water-activated traditional wallpaper.

Danielle smoothing down the bottom of panel two of the Watercolor Meadow Wall Mural.

Click here to explore our range of substrates and discover which one is best suited for your space.

Admiring the Final Touches

Upon completion, the mural radiated natural beauty, infusing the shared girls' room with calming hues and soft florals. It became the focal point, elevating the space with charm and sophistication.

The after image of the girls bedroom with the Watercolor Meadow Wall Mural installed in their shared space.

A Collaboration of Heartfelt Gratitude

Our heartfelt thanks to Elisha for inviting us to be part of her home transformation journey. Her discerning eye for design and dedication to quality resonate deeply with our values, and we are honored to have contributed to her daughters' sanctuary.

Conclusion: Embracing Simplicity with Urbanwalls

Elisha's journey toward simplicity serves as a testament to the transformative power of intentional living. With Urbanwalls peel and stick wallpaper, creating a space that embodies tranquility and style is within reach. 

Elisha making her daughters bed in the finished room.
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