Nothing Wrong With Feeling Blue

Nothing Wrong With Feeling Blue

Blue color wall decals

There’s nothing wrong with feeling Blue! (We’ll spare you singing that song from the ‘90s, though). As long as the blue that you’re feeling is décor, of course. Nothing makes us happier than blue statement walls and accents, which is why we’ve made blue our color of the month!

Whether you’re looking for wallpaper, wall decals, art prints, or wall murals, explore all of our favorite blue wall décor products. Complement existing décor or use one of our calm and relaxing blue products to make a statement or create a head-turning accent wall!

We wanted to show you a few of our favorite blue wall décor products, but you can always choose blue out of over 25 colors for any number of our die cut decals.


Water and Ink Floral Decals

Ready to add hand-painted blue blooms to your space? Elegance is born as water and ink transform into tissue-thin blossoms. Our Water & Ink Florals emulate a flower moving into full bloom as ink and paint course through the petals. With 18 muted blooms in every full order, arrange each decal to fill your space and watch as your room buds anew in a stunning indigo color. 

Water and Ink floral decals


Brighton Stripes Wallpaper

From the sleepy shores of the English coast, the Urbanwalls x Monika Hibbs Countryside Collection brings quiet calm into the Brighton Stripes Wallpaper. Available in three beautiful, muted colors—but we’ll focus on the blue for now—the classic vertical stripes introduce versatility, opening a world of inventive design pairings from modern farmhouse to seaside cottage.

Brighton stripes wall decal


Capri High Tide Wall Mural

Oceans have personalities. From deep, crashing waves to receding foam and shallow waters, the Capri High Tide Mural has captured both strength and serenity. Swirling brush strokes mimic the ocean’s many movements and moods, bringing gorgeous blue tones to any space.

Capri High Tide Wall Mural


Push Art Print

Get lost in the marbleized, swirling blue of crashing waves and receding foam in our Push Art Print. With this photograph of the ocean blue, you can add texture, depth, feeling, and a nautical accent to any space. 

Push art print of waves
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