10 Fun DIY Summer Activities

10 Fun DIY Summer Activities

Summer DIY Activities

With summer solstice this month, we can officially begin planning all of our fun summer activities! Warmer weather, longer days, lightning bugs, and poolside hands—what more could you want?

To kick off the summer, we’ve compiled a list of ten fun DIY activities that you can do whether you’re flying solo, looking for something to keep the kids occupied, or just trying to get into the spirit of the solstice!

Summer Bucket List

Fun Summer Activities

1. Install New Wall Decals – Or wallpaper, or a wall mural with matching art prints! Okay, okay, we’ll be the first to admit that we’re a little biased with this one, but in all seriousness, summer is the perfect time to mix up and refresh your décor. And if you have any little helpers hanging around the house, they’ll love doing an install with you—maybe even in their bedroom or playroom!

Sun wall decals in a baby's room

2. Make Popsicles – You might be wondering why you’d make popsicles instead of just buying them, but with popsicle molds (you can buy them loads of places), your kids can choose their own flavors. Plus, this is one easy way to ensure the juice you choose is actually healthy and natural (or, let’s be honest, Kool-Aid works too).

3. Build a Fort or a Treehouse – A fun family DIY project is to build a backyard treehouse or a fort. Though this activity is a little more involved, we can guarantee that it will absolutely be the hit of the summer—probably for the entire neighborhood!

Fort or treehouse in a room

4. Backyard Movie Night – Hang up a sheet and cue up the projector for a backyard movie night! Invite a few friends, spread out blankets, and make your favorite kind of popcorn. If you really want to get creative, you can even build little “cars” out of cardboard boxes for the kiddos so they get the whole “drive-in” experience.

5. Host a Block Party – Meet the neighbors with an outdoor block party (depending on Covid-19 restrictions for your area). Light up the barbecue and plan different food stations with each of your neighbors. Lawn games like corn hole and bocce, not to mention a bounce house or two, are always appreciated! 

6. Build Your Own Slip & Slide – Okay, so you could totally buy one if you wanted. But why buy when you can make? Lay a tarp out in the backyard (on a slight incline is best, but it’ll work either way) before getting the hose out and soaking it thoroughly. Keep the hose running so the tarp stays nice and wet. Take a running dive and slide away! (Disclaimer: if you’re over 30 we regret to inform you that it will hurt a lot more than you remember.)

7. Scavenger Hunt – From family night to an afternoon with the neighborhood kids, everyone loves a scavenger hunt! Plan your clues and place them around the backyard (or a larger area if it’s a big group, or if there is plenty of adult supervision). The more creative the better. But choose and hide your treasure well—we’re personally big fans of candy prizes.

8. Dollhouse Decals – One fun DIY projects, especially on thunder-stormy afternoons is to redecorate your dollhouse. At Urbanwalls, we’ve actually created multiple packs of dollhouse decals that you can mix or match, allowing your littles to create their dream dollhouse.

Dollhouse decals

9. Homemade Sun Burn Treatment – This one may not be on your list of “fun” activities, per say, but you’ll be happy you have it! Not to mention it’s super simple. Buy your favorite brand of aloe vera and squeeze it into an ice cube tray. Let it freeze and take out one frozen aloe vera cube at a time after you’ve had a little too much fun in the sun.

10. Make Flower Crowns – In the spirit of summer solstice, weave pretty little flower crowns for you and your friends, kids, or neighbors! If you don’t have a backyard garden or a field full of wildflowers, Trader Joe’s always has some pretty blooms at pretty good prices! 

What’s on your list of favorite summer activities? We’d love to hear!  

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