Out of this World Décor

Out of this World Décor

Celestial bodies wall decal
Bet you didn’t know that today is World UFO Day. In honor of the “holiday”, we’re showcasing decals and designs that are truly out of this world! Even if you don’t live in Roswell or Area 51, you can take to the skies with UFO and space décor ideas for your little astronauts. E.T. won’t even want to phone home when he gets a look at your space decals!

Wallpaper with celestial bodies

Blue Planet Wall Decals

We have a great space pun for this decal pack, but we need a little longer to planet! For all you astronauts out there, our Blue Planets decal pack brings the cool blue wonder of outer space into any space. With a watercolor appearance, each unique planet has been crafted to illustrate craters and storms, planetary rings, and galactic mystery. We’re pretty sure you’ll agree—it’s out of this world!


Wall decals for kind

Spaceship Wall Decals

Blast off into new décor with our Spaceships decal pack! Perfect for any space cadet’s bedroom or playroom, each set includes 40 freestanding stickers, all hand painted. With every watercolor decal, create a lunar landscape by strategically hanging full moons alongside orange stars, crescent moons, and rocket ships.


One blue moon wall decal

Blue Moon Wall Decal

Prepare to be over the moon for our lunar-inspired Blue Moon decal! Measuring 48” in diameter, this celestial sticker is sure to be a showstopper without eclipsing the rest of your décor. Our Blue Moon decal was hand-painted and pairs beautifully with our other planet and space themed designs. With our entire line of planetary decals, add some watercolor whimsy to your space with a series of otherworldly creations.

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