How to Infuse Bohemian Vibes In Your Home with Wall Decor

How to Infuse Bohemian Vibes In Your Home with Wall Decor


Our most recent collection is named  “Boheme'' in honor of La Vie Bohème, which is French for “The Bohemian Life.” (You may also know it as the title of a song in the musical, Rent.) Inspired by the spirit of wanderers and dreamers, we set out to make designs that capture the feeling of exploring in the desert, the beauty of golden hour, and the changing seasons. 

This collection features shades inspired by fall and winter, but we’ve carefully designed every decor piece to add year-round warmth, creativity and style to your home. Whether you’re looking for a bohemian wall mural, a sweet and subtle mirror sticker, or a watercolor wall mural - keep reading for a snapshot of the Boheme designs. Plus, we’ll share unique ways to style the wall art in your home with the help of our virtual design assistant!

If you’d like to take a peek at the full collection, check it out here: Boheme Collection!

Say Hello to the Boheme Collection! Bohemian Wall Decor Ideas & Inspiration 

Bohemian Wall Decals 

From subtle textures to bright patterns - our Bohome Collection features some of our all-time favorite wall decals! 

  • Marble Stones Wall Decals
Marble Stones Wall Decals

Towering rock formations in the desert are the inspiration behind these watercolor marbled wall decals. We love it for an accent wall in a kitchen, bedroom, laundry room, or any nook! | Shop the Marble Stones Wall Decals

  • Dried Fan Palm Leaf Wall Decal
    Dried Fan Palm Leaf Wall Decal

    Embrace minimalist decor and texture in your space with our Dried Fan Palm Leaf Wall Decal. It’s designed with neutral tones to bring a sense of warmth to a variety of spaces - from bedrooms to  laundry rooms to entryways. | Shop the Dried Fan Palm Leaf Wall Decal. 

    • Monstera Leaves Wall Decals
    Monstera Leaves Wall Decals

    Breathe life into any room with the Monstera Leaves Wall Decals. Each decal adds eye-catching statement pieces to your wall that can work easily in small and varied sized walls. | Shop the Monstera Leaves Wall Decals.

    Wall Murals for Tie-Dye and Floral Flair

    Murals deliver all the perks of wallpaper - without the pesky and tedious process. We find that once you start with your first wall mural, it’s hard to stop! 

    • Nebula Tie Dye Wall Mural
    Nebula Tie-Dye Wall Mural

    Tie Dye meets Boho, the Nebula Tie Dye Wall Mural is made to add calming and creative energy to any space. It’s one of our favorites for a bedroom - with just the right amount of energy for the mornings yet calmness for the evenings. | Shop the Nebula Tie Dye Wall Mural

    • Autumn Meadow Wall Mural
    Autumn Meadow Wall Mural

    Embrace a sense of the outdoors in your home in a way that’s colorful but not overwhelming. We especially love it for workplaces or any place where you spend a lot of time indoors. | Shop the Autumn Meadow Wall Mural

    Boho-Chic Removable Wallpapers

    Removable wallpapers give you all the benefits of extra style and flair - with (way) less of the stress when it comes time to remove them. 

    • Palm Tree Pattern Wallpaper
    Palm Tree Pattern Wallpaper

    Add texture and rhythm to a room while maintaining a minimalist aesthetic with the Palm Tree Pattern Wallpaper. The simple colors really bring out the textured leaves - allowing the shapes and patterns to speak for themselves. | Shop the Palm Tree Pattern Wallpaper.

    • Snakeskin Wallpaper
    Snakeskin Wallpaper

    Add a bit of wildlife, color, and style with the Snakeskin Wallpaper.  It not only has a textured look, but it also has a textured feel. And it’s available in two colors: quartz (seen above) and slate. | Shop the Snakeskin Wallpaper

    Simple & Nature-Inspired Art Prints

    Art Prints bring so much joy to a space. Frame them, lean them against a wall, or let them stand out alone. So many possibilities! 

    • Thistle Sun Art Prints
    Thistle Sun Art Print

    Adding warmth and floral flair to any room - with this Thistle Sun Art Print.  The design was inspired by a technique from the 1800s called cyanotype, or “blueprinting.” It involved placing items on special paper and exposing the paper to sunlight. With time, a detailed outline of the objects would take shape. | Shop the Thistle Sun Art Print

    • There is Beauty in Simplicity Art Print
    Sample Art Print

    This print is designed to make you feel as if this note was made just for you - which it was! :) Add it to any place where you need a reminder to slow down, take a deep breath, and soak in the beauty all around you.|  Shop the There is Beauty in Simplicity Art Print

    Oh-So-Pretty Mirror Sticker Decals

    Affirmations remind us of what’s important and what’s not. These mirror decals are a perfect way to reflect and stay grounded - while adding cute minimalist decor! 

    • Stay Golden Decal
    Stay Golden Mirror Decal

    A morning affirmation that brings sunshine to your day. The Stay Golden Mirror Decal is designed to give you encouragement and a little extra love throughout your day. We love it in any mirror whether it’s a bedroom or bathroom! | Shop the Stay Golden Mirror Decal

    • “La Vie De Boheme” Mirror Decal
    La Vie De Boheme Mirror Decal

    Finally, the “La Vie De Boheme” Mirror Decal is a reminder to wander, dream, and live a bohemian life in a way that speaks to you! Shop La Vie De Boheme Mirror Decal

    PS, Meet Our *NEW* Virtual Design Assistant!

    See how these murals, decals, prints and wallpapers look in your home, BEFORE you drop one dollar or stick one decal on the wall! Our new Virtual Design Assistant service allows you to see what our wall decor ideas will look like in your room from the comfort of your couch. 

    Here’s how it works:

    • You upload a photo of your room to our website 
    • From there, you’ll pick from any product to see how it will look 
    • Ta da! You’ll be able to see sizes and scale, colors and styles, and how many decals or wallpaper panels you’ll need to fill the space in a way that suits you

    This service is here to help you put the pieces together, while still ensuring you’re the head designer! Want to get started? Sign up to our email list to access this service for f-r-e-e.  

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