14 Cool Wallpaper & Wall Decor Ideas to Spruce Up a Boy’s Bedroom

14 Cool Wallpaper & Wall Decor Ideas to Spruce Up a Boy’s Bedroom

Was your son in love with spaceships last year but now all about animals? We know children are constantly changing! As their interests change, so do their preferences for their bedrooms. To help you embrace all the changing passions, we’ve put together a guide of easily removable peel-and-stick wallpaper, wall murals and wall decals. That way, you can update his bedroom with ease from year to year. Less fuss, more time to experiment.

Also: we know these kinds of lists often reinforce stereotypes (you know, pink for girls and blue for boys). We don’t want to be any part of that! So if you’re shopping for a kiddo - no matter their gender - we hope you find something on this list that speaks to them and their unique personality! 

14 Ideas to Spruce Up a Boys Bedroom (or anyone’s bedroom!) with Cool Wallpaper, Wall Murals & Wall Decals 

Animals & Insect Wall Decor

  • Butterfly Wall Decals
Madam Butterfly Wall Decals

Pollinators are superheroes! If your child loves them as much as we do - they’ll love these vibrant Butterfly Wall Decals. Get the look: Butterfly Wall Decals.

  • Little Sharks
Little Sharks Wall Decals

Does your kiddo have a fascination with sharks? These Little Sharks decals will turn a blank wall into a deep-sea adventure! Get the look: Little Sharks.

  • Wildheart Wallpaper

Hello, animal lovers! This wallpaper brings lambs, lions, and birds straight to your little one’s bedroom. Get the look: Wildheart Wallpaper.

Nature-Inspired Wallpapers & Decor

  • Misty Mountain Wall Mural
Misty Mountain Mural

The mountains are full of so much wonder  - why not bring that sense of adventure to your child’s bedroom? Get the look: Misty Mountain Wall Mural

 Blue Moon Decal

Blue Moon Wall Decal

 Your little astronaut will fall in love with the Blue Moon or Blue Planets Wall Decals. Get the look: Blue Moon.

  • Palm Tree Wallpaper
Palm Tree Pattern Wallpaper

To channel your child’s love of the outdoors - the Palm Tree Wallpaper adds a natural and whimsical flair to a room. Get the look: Palm Tree Decals

Fun & Quirky Patterned Wallpapers & Decals 

  • Geo Pattern Wall Decals
    Geo Pattern Wall Decals

    As much as we enjoy adding color to a room, we also love how shapes can spice things up! The Geo Pattern Wall Decals can easily be added to a wall for a decorative and playful accent.  Get the look: Geo Pattern Wall Decals

    • Dirt Bikes
    Dirt Bike Wall Decals

    Bring on all the twists and turns with these bold Dirt Bike Wall Decals. Plus, they’re easily removable - just in case a love of bikes turns into a love of skateboard wall decals. Get the look: Dirt Bikes Wall Decals

    • Emerald Brush Strokes 


    We combined emerald green, coral, cool yellow, and various neutral shades for the Emerald Brush Strokes. Soft, subtle, and full of joy. Get the look: Emerald Brush Strokes Wall Decals

    • Cityscape
    Cityscape Wall Decals

    If your kiddo loves city views - you can bring them into the bedroom with the Cityscape decals. Clouds, hot air balloons, and tall buildings come together for the ultimate city scene. Get the look: Cityscape

    • Painted Wall Map 

    Encourage exploration with this Painted Wall Map Mural. It’s a beautiful way to decorate a space while embracing your kiddo’s adventurous spirit. Get the look: Painted Wall Map Wall Mural

    Classic & Vibrant Wallpapers 

    • Watercolor Rainbow Mural
    Watercolor Rainbow Wall Mural

    Soft and subtle, the Watercolor Rainbow Mural is one of our favorites. It’s inviting and bright for a beautiful look that will warm up walls without creating a cluttered feel. Get the look: Watercolor Rainbow Mural

    • Cannes Wallpaper

    For a classic look that will evolve with your child as they age, we love the Cannes Wallpaper. Get the look: Cannes Wallpaper

    • Brighton Stripes Wallpaper
    Brighton Stripes Wallpaper

    Classic stripes are always a good idea! The Brighton Stripes Wallpaper is a backdrop that adds just the right amount of color and energy to a room. This pattern is also available in two other colors: vanilla and grey. Get the look: Brighton Stripes Wallpaper

    Want to see exactly what these designs will look like in your home? Use our Virtual Design Assistant Service. You’ll simply upload a photo of your room - and we’ll take care of the rest! 

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