5 Reasons to Use A Virtual Design Assistant to Add Wall Art to Your Space

5 Reasons to Use A Virtual Design Assistant to Add Wall Art to Your Space

Thistle and Palms Wall Decals

You know you want wall decals over your bed headboard - but you can’t decide which one will look just right. You’re in love with a mural in the Boheme Collection but not sure which room it will look best in. Your daughter wants to pick out her own wallpaper for her bedroom, but she wants to see what it looks like first. 

Does this sound relatable? If so, you’re not alone! Many of our customers have told us they’ve been grappling with situations just like these. And we’re so excited to finally have an easy solution to make adding wall decor to your home more approachable. Enter: our NEW Virtual Design Assistant! 

Meet the *New* Virtual Design Assistant 

Buying wall decals, murals, and wallpapers is an investment in both time and money. So instead of imagining what your design will look like in your space, our Virtual Design Assistant service allows you to *see* it virtually in your room before you hit “checkout.” 

Here’s how the Virtual Design Assistant works:

  • First, you’ll upload a photo of your room to our website 
  • From there, you’ll pick from any product to see how it will look in your space
  • Then, you’ll be able to see sizes and scale, colors and styles, and overall aesthetic
  • Plus, you’ll get a good grasp on how many decals or wallpaper panels you’ll need to fill the space in a way that suits you 

Think of it as your very own interior design BFF. It’s here to help you put the pieces together, while you’re still the head designer.

5 Reasons this Virtual Service Helps with Interior Design Styles & Ideas 

Our #1 goal at Urbanwalls is to help you make your homes a little brighter and more individualized. And we hope this service does exactly that! From encouraging experimentation to offering a free creative playground - these are some of the many reasons we’re so happy to offer this service:

1. Design with ease 

We know our collection is ever-growing. With more options comes more scrolling and more deciding. Our hope is that this service will make it easier to go through all the different wall decor options in a way that’s empowering (not exhausting). 

2. No need to move furniture 

Save your strength! No need to move couches or beds to see what the wall decor will look like - just plop your room in virtually with the tap of a finger. 

3. Fun, risk-free experimentation 

Never thought you’d want to put a Tropical Oasis Mural in your living room? Why not try it out! The stakes are low in this creative  virtual design world.

Tropic Oasis Wall Mural

4. Your schedule, your ideas 

If you love a nice independent project - this service allows you to design a room the way you want on your time. No waiting for shipping, a busy interior designer, or even a friend or partner to help you out. 

5. It’s 100% FREE!

Sign up to our email list for this free service. Because we love our Urbanwalls community and want you to love your decals even more when you see them in your home. 

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