4 Must-See Before and After Photos with Urbanwalls Decals

4 Must-See Before and After Photos with Urbanwalls Decals

When we think of home decor “before and after” photos - we usually think of transformations that excite us to change things up. And these photos are exactly that! From whimsical nurseries to sophisticated bedrooms, these rooms show how wall decals add instant style and creativity - while maximizing a small space. 

Whether you're hoping to maximize a small room or spruce up an empty corner, we hope these unbelievable makeovers inspire you as much as they inspire us! While you’re here, if you have a photo you’d like to share of our wall decals, wallpaper, or murals in your home - we’d love to see it. Please tag us @urbanwalls and we’ll keep an eye out for it!

1. Bare Walls to Bohemian Palms: Nursery - Before and After Photos

Turn your little one’s nursery into a floral sanctuary with the Bohemian Palms wall decals. The accent wall has just enough color to warm up the room while still providing a calming atmosphere. We also love how the textured rug and beaded chandelier complement the decal’s nature-inspired aesthetic.

Shop the look: Bohemian Palms

Nursery Before

An After photo of a nursery with bare walls

Nursery After

An after photo of a bedroom with Bohemian Palms Wall Decals

2. Blank Slate to Full Bloom: Master Bedroom - Before and After Photos

Swoon-worthy! This master bedroom is in full bloom with the Water & Ink wall decals. The accent wall is vibrant yet soft, and it provides just the right amount of color against the white paint without dominating the space. We also love how the blanket and comforter tie into the wall decals but aren’t overly matchy matchy. 

Pro tip: Are you having a hard time choosing a wall decal for your room? Consider narrowing down the selection by thinking about which decal or mural will complement the color of your walls and furniture.  

Shop the look: Water & Ink Wall Decals.

Master Bedroom Before & After

A before and after photo of a renovated bedroom with Water and Ink Floral wall decals

3. Dull to Vibrant: Bedroom - Before and After Photos

If you’re looking to add playful color to your space, the Large Indigo Brushstrokes wall decal is for you. As you can see - this bedroom instantly comes to life thanks to the accent wall, rug, new bedding, and wall decor. Artsy, vibrant, and cohesive! 

Shop the look: Large Indigo Brushstrokes.

Bedroom Before

A before photo of a bedroom with bare walls

Bedroom After

An after photo of a bedroom with Large Indigo Brush stroke wall decals

4. Cramped to Cozy: Trailer Bedroom - Before and After 

If you’ve ever wondered if an accent wall can maximize a space - look no further than this trailer! The Eden Floral Decals perfectly pair with the stylish bedding, textured blinds, and white walls. The best part: each decal adds art and color without taking up a single inch of space. 

Shop the look: Eden Floral Decals.

Trailer Before

A trailer with bare walls

Trailer After

A trailer with Eden Floral wall decals

Tips to Maximize a Room With Wallpaper 

  • Be mindful of patterns. For example, if you have a patterned wallpaper - consider keeping your curtains more solid. And vice versa - if you have patterns on your furniture - then, perhaps reach for more solid wallpaper and decals.
  • Do not overlook nooks! Small nooks can be some of the coziest and creative spaces thanks to wallpaper and wall decor. Even lining cabinets and bookshelves can work wonders on a space! 
  • Consider white wallpaper with floral designs! This is a nice way to add design and creativity without overwhelming a space with color. 
  • Embrace accent walls! If you’re hesitant to add wallpaper, start with an accent wall to create a beautiful focal point - and go from there. 
  • Don’t forget about your room’s fifth wall - the ceiling. Wallpaper on a ceiling can create a major impact in a way you wouldn’t necessarily expect! 

BONUS: Do’s and Don’ts to style and select wall decals for your room

Hoping to make a big statement with your wall decor? Looking to add a subtle faux headboard? Either way, wall decals are easily customizable depending on what you want. But we know it can be intimidating when it comes to picking a design and figuring out where to put it. Here are some tips to guide you in your decision-making:

  • DO: Before selecting a design, we recommend first deciding which space you have in mind for the decals. Then reflecting on what type of mood you want to set and how the design will fit into the aesthetic (literally and figuratively). For example, if you want something bright to make a space pop, take a look at our patterns collection. Or if you’re envisioning something more subtle, check out the minimalist and typographic collection
  • DON’T: Do not forget to measure. We know it can be a pain to find the measuring tape, but it’s worth the extra time to make sure the wall decal you’re selecting is going to look the way you want it to. 
  • DO: Experiment! Wall decals should add joy to your home. So have fun and don’t be afraid to try something new. After all, they’re removable 🙂

Check out our FAQs page for more information about our wall decals. Keep in mind the decals are designed for one-time use, so be mindful when applying the design to the surface. You’ll be able to adjust the designs when applying - but we’d recommend being really confident with your design before you really rub them in! 

See more inspiration for wall decor ideas and playful wall decals for kids bedrooms. ✨ 

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