Unveiling the Heritage Collection: A Collaboration with Designer Mia Parres

Unveiling the Heritage Collection: A Collaboration with Designer Mia Parres

Urbanwalls is thrilled to announce an exciting collaboration with the renowned high-end residential design firm, Mia Parres Home & Design, for the launch of the exquisite Heritage Collection. This exclusive collection embodies the epitome of authentic curation, reflecting Mia Parres' deeply meaningful and layered approach to design.

A Peek into Mia Parres' World

In a recent Q&A with Mia Parres, she shared insights into her creative journey and the inspiration behind her distinctive design style. Describing her business as a passionately curated realm of client visions, Mia's thoughtful, creative, and driven nature shines through in every aspect of her work. Her personal design style can be summed up in one word - "layered," reflecting the depth and richness evident in her creations.

urbanwalls x mia parres designs country plaid wallpaper with brown bed

The Art of Inspiration

Mia's childhood, steeped in creativity and artistry, set the stage for her remarkable career. With parents deeply ingrained in the arts, Mia's path was influenced by her father's architectural prowess and her mother's captivating art direction. The allure of architecture initially beckoned, but the seamless transition into interior design felt unquestionably natural. Mia's journey further unfolded behind the scenes of television, eventually propelling her into the limelight as an on-camera designer for HGTV.

Fulfilling Dreams, Crafting Memories

The most rewarding facet of Mia's brand journey lies in the ability to craft spaces that embody her clients' lifelong aspirations. The honor of project managing and conceptualizing their dreams is an experience Mia treasures deeply. Witnessing her clients' delight as they see her vision reflected in their homes is, to Mia, a truly beautiful and fulfilling experience.

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A Path of Growth and Resilience

Reflecting on her journey, Mia emphasizes the importance of continual growth and reinvention, both as an individual and a creative business owner. Embracing challenges, adapting to change, and fostering resilience have been pivotal in shaping her path. Mia's passion for entrepreneurship also extends to her linen and loungewear company, ABODE, where she collaborates with like-minded individuals to navigate the dynamic landscape of business ownership.

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Embracing Change and Innovation

As Mia looks ahead, she remains committed to the ethos of adaptability and constant evolution. Embracing set-backs as opportunities for growth, she champions the spirit of resiliency as the key to success. This steadfast determination fuels her drive to reinvent her business, nurture Team MPD, and explore new horizons of creativity and entrepreneurship.

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The Heritage Collection: Where Art Meets Home

With the Heritage Collection, Urbanwalls and Mia Parres Design converge to bring forth a fusion of timeless elegance and contemporary allure. This collaboration promises to infuse homes with the essence of cherished memories and artful sophistication, reflecting Mia's distinct vision and Urbanwalls' commitment to unparalleled design excellence.

Stay tuned as we prepare to unveil the Heritage Collection, where Mia Parres' unique style breathes life into wall decor, creating spaces destined to be adorned with layers of legacy and love.

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