Summer Vibes: Hot Wall Decor Trends to Elevate Your Space

Summer Vibes: Hot Wall Decor Trends to Elevate Your Space

Summer is a season bursting with energy, color, and creativity. As the kids take their summer break and the days grow sunnier, we tend to spend more time outside. However, this doesn’t mean we can't also enjoy and spruce up our interiors. With removable wall decor, you can effortlessly refresh your space to capture the lively essence of summer. Here are some top wall decor trends to brighten up your home this season.

Sunshine Wall Decal

Sunshine Wall Decal, from Urbanwalls, installed on the side of a kids doll house.

Our cheerful Sunshine Wall Decal can effortlessly transform any room into a bright, sunny retreat. It's the perfect beach-themed wall decor that's easy to apply and instantly loveable. Spanning the entire length of the wall, this decal brings a burst of sunshine to your child's playroom, nursery, or bedroom, creating a seaside escape within your home.

Wildest Dreams Wall Mural

Wildest Dreams Wall Mural installed in a bedroom.

Summer evokes images of clear blue skies and sunny days. Bring this dreamy ambiance into any room with our whimsical Wildest Dreams Wall Mural, featuring clouds and birds soaring through the sky. This mural adds a touch of nature and wonder to your home, making it perfect for a child's bedroom or creating a serene atmosphere in your living room. Let this mural transport you to a world of dreams and imagination.

Fleur Wallpaper in Pink & Green

Fleur Wallpaper, in pink and green, in a child's playroom.

Refresh your space with our stunning Fleur Wallpaper, which combines vibrant geometric shapes and bursts of color. This wallpaper embodies the essence of springtime with delightful wildflowers in full bloom. The intricate patterns and lively hues evoke nature's beauty, adding a whimsical charm to any room. Ideal for infusing your space with playful and elegant colors, the Fleur Wallpaper is a perfect choice.

Ayrshire Rose Wall Decal

Ayrshire Rose Wall Decal installed in girls bedroom.

Add a burst of color to any room with our Ayrshire Rose Wall Decals. These floral decals are easy to apply and can transform your space instantly. Simply peel and stick to enjoy a garden of rose decals and wildflower beauty every day. Perfect for any room, these decals bring the outdoors inside, offering a stylish and fresh look with minimal effort.

Forest Bouquet Wallpaper in Mineral Yellow

Forest Bouquet Wallpaper, in Mineral Yellow, installed in a nursery with a white crib.

Our Forest Bouquet Wallpaper captures the vibrant essence of summer with its repetitive floral pattern infused with cheerful yellow and green hues. This wallpaper features a captivating design that brings a touch of nature to your walls, creating a lively and inviting atmosphere. The small-scale floral pattern adds a playful charm to any room, with blossoms dancing across a green backdrop. Available in a peel-and-stick format, this wallpaper offers a high-quality finish, making it a versatile and stylish choice for personalized home decor.

Summer is the time for camping season! See how we dress up this RV for camping with our pressed flower decal install here.

Sunscape Wall Decals

Sunscape Wall Decals, in Gold, behind a girl in a bright red shirt.

Nothing is more iconic than the desert sun. With our Sunscape die-cut decals, you can bask in the warm rays of the Southwest. Freestanding full sun and half sun decals allow you to create a pattern of your choosing in any color. These one-color die-cut decals are budget-friendly and bring a touch of the desert into your home.

Trust Arch Wall Decal

Trust Arch Wall Decal installed in a bedroom.

Elevate your space with the Trust Arch Wall Decal. This large wall art brings bohemian charm to your home. Designed by artist Tahnee Kelland, it transforms walls into bohemian paintings. DIY enthusiasts will love the ease of these decorative wall stickers. Opt for this arch decal for captivating wall decoration and create a mystical haven in your home. Transfix guests with bohemian bliss at every glance.

Amongst The Magic Wall Mural

Amongst The Magic Wall Mural installed in bohemian bedroom apartment.

Liven up your space with our Amongst the Magic Wall Mural. Dive into vibrant colors with this large, bohemian decor, perfect for the bedroom or living room. This beach-inspired mural brings a coastal vibe, making it feel like stepping into a bright, colorful abstract painting. Featuring tones of coral, oranges, beach, and palm tree green, this mural adds a touch of magic to your home.

Surfer Girl Wall Decals

Surfer Girl Wall Decals installed in shared bedroom.

Add a splash of summertime style to any room with our Surfer Girl Wall Decals. Perfect for a kid's bedroom or playroom, these unique decals bring California coast vibes with vibrant pink designs that add sass and understated cool to any space. The adjustable design ensures it fits with any decor. Transform any living space and brighten up the atmosphere today.

Curious about the removal process? We show you just how easy it is to remove your wall decor here.

Coral Wall Decals

Coral Wall Decals, in Black, installed in coastal bedroom.

Inspired by the dazzling beauty of coral reefs, our Coral Wall Decals bring the wonder of these ecosystems into your home. Available in over 25 colors, they can match any decor style or color scheme. Create a uniform pattern or a haphazard design to fit your tastes and décor. Our Destination Collection pays homage to the diverse sceneries, textures, and hues of the world.

Embrace the Summer Spirit

Bring the vibrant energy and beauty of summer into your home with these stunning wall decor ideas. Each product offers a unique way to enhance your space and reflect the lively spirit of the season. Whether you're looking to create a sunny retreat, a whimsical paradise, or a vibrant mural, our summer wall decor options have you covered.

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