Raise the Roof: Innovative Ways to Decorate with Ceiling Decals

Raise the Roof: Innovative Ways to Decorate with Ceiling Decals

It's the perfect time to refresh your home decor, and there's no better way to do it than by transforming your ceiling into a captivating focal point. Often overlooked, the ceiling can become a stunning "fifth wall" that adds character and charm to any room. Ceiling decals are a versatile and unique way to bring a touch of art to spaces like primary bedrooms, children's rooms, formal sitting areas, and even hair salons. If your ceiling is flat and texture-free, you can easily create a beautiful and personalized look.

Primary Bedroom: Marigold Yellow Ceiling Wallpaper

Marigold wallpaper installed on a bedroom ceiling.

In this primary bedroom, our Marigold Yellow Wallpaper on the ceiling creates a striking visual effect. The walls are adorned with a different floral wallpaper in greens, yellows, browns, and whites. Instead of stopping with just one type of wallpaper, this combination of two floral patterns adds a unique character and vintage charm, making the space eclectic and unforgettable.

Formal Sitting Room: Floral Peony Ceiling Decals

Peonies shown on ceiling surrounding a chandelier.

Transforming this formal sitting room, floral Peony Wall Decals have been installed around a circular medallion that highlights a statement chandelier. Previously a traditional entertaining space, @thelesliestyle elevated it by drawing attention to the ceiling. The large, beautiful floral decals add a touch of femininity with their pink and dark green tones, creating a dramatic and elegant statement.

Aesthetician Massage Room: Autumn Meadows Ceiling Mural

Autumn Meadow wall mural installed in a salon on the ceiling.

In this aesthetician's massage room, the Autumn Meadows Wall Mural designed by @whitehouseontheprairie brings a delightful surprise to clients. Instead of a plain white ceiling, clients can now enjoy the soothing pinks and lavender hues of abstract floral art. This transformation elevates the space, giving it a high-end, luxurious feel and enhancing the overall relaxation experience.

Incorporating layered prints into your wall decor can significantly enhance depth and visual appeal. Click here to discover how we utilize different prints to achieve distinct gallery wall styles

Shared Boys' Room: Starry Night Ceiling Decals

Seeing stars in maize installed on boys bedroom ceiling.

This shared boys' room features "Seeing Stars in Yellow" ceiling decals, adding a whimsical touch. With custom bunk beds and deep blue walls, the individually placed star decals create a magical night sky. This design adds personality and makes the space fun and imaginative, perfect for children as they drift off to sleep.

Home Office: Black and White Floral Ceiling Decals

Urbanwalls Black and White Flower Wall Decals installed on a ceiling beside a window.

In this home office, Black and White floral decals on the ceiling add a sophisticated yet unexpected touch. While the green accents in the room are eye-catching, the ceiling decals truly stand out. This creative twist transforms the office, making it feel larger and more vibrant, demonstrating the power of ceiling decor.

Living Room: Nut Brown Irregular Dots

Nut brown Irregular Wall Decals installed on a ceiling.

In this bright living room, Irregular Dot decals in nut brown cover the ceiling, adding a playful element. The room, already welcoming with its white walls and velvet couch, is further enhanced by the dotted ceiling. This unique design draws the eye upward, giving the illusion of taller walls and a more expansive space.

Tips for Installing Ceiling Decals

When planning to install ceiling decals, keep these tips in mind. Standard vinyl works best on flat, smooth surfaces, while we offer specific substrates for textured walls. Always order a sample beforehand to ensure it's the right fit for your space. Avoid using standard vinyl on textured walls, as it may not adhere properly.

Not sure if your walls are textured or smooth? Click here for a detailed guide to help you choose the perfect substrate.

Take your time! While the final result is undoubtedly worth it, be prepared for the installation process to take longer than you might expect. Enjoy the process! Adding ceiling decals is a fun and creative way to personalize your home. It's an unexpected design twist that will impress everyone who sees it.

Bring the vibrancy and beauty of summer indoors with these stunning ceiling decor ideas. Each product offers a unique way to enhance your space, reflecting the lively spirit of the season. Whether you're aiming to create a sunny retreat, a whimsical paradise, or a dramatic mural, our ceiling decals provide endless possibilities for your home.

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