Parisian Princess

Oh my goodness!!! I cannot believe I have been totally slacking in the blog department.. Sorry peeps! hours melt into days and days into weeks. Sheesh! School started this week and I have to admit that I feel a little guilty.. While I read all the tweets and facebook status' of emotional moms having their kids go off to school I have been so excited for this day.. Don't judge me.. let me explain. Mattias LOVES school.. he is a very busy boy (as you have probably heard me express).. AND it's only a couple of hours every other day.. I am almost 99.9% sure that I will feel differently when next year rolls around and he is in full time kindergarten and my other baby is in preschool. THEN I am sure I will be dealing with a rather large lump in my throat. Mark my words..

On another note.. here is another cute little room I put together.. pretty cute, don't you think?

1. Grayson Chandelier 2. Parisian Wallpaper 3. Ikat Pillow 4. Wall Mirror 5. Rhodes Chest 6. Cartolina Prints 7. Tufted Bed 8. Monogram Decal 9. Madeleine Chair 10. Furlicious Bean Bag 11. Ooh lala Pillow

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