Office Chic...a white & gold affair

I have been making a few plans for my office as of late. My husband and I differ on who's office it actually is but we'll just leave it at that. I was at Chapters the other day and loved how they paired a lot of gold and white together. It's such a chic and elegant combination and it definitely inspired me for my own space. Since we just finished decorating the rest of our house I figured the office is the only room I have left. Until we come to an agreement I'll just keep my ideas to a styleboard. :)

1. Capiz Shell Chandelier 2. Sunburst Mirror 3. Trevelyan Natural Pillow by Designers Guild 4. Lulu & Drew Confetti and Zebar Acrylic Paintings 5. Acrylic Dining Chair 6. Paper Mache Bowl 7. Gold Table Lamp 8. Laquered Desk 9. Gold Sequins Pillow 10. Cowhide Rug 11. Curved Basket 12. Voluspa Candle


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