Light & Airy Dollhouse Remodel

Light & Airy Dollhouse Remodel

You know how your mother always said that handmade gifts from the heart are always better than something flashy or expensive? Turns out she was absolutely right.

Our dear friend Kait Olson built a dollhouse using Ana White’s dollhouse tutorial for her friend Jennifer Opsahl. Talk about a great gal pal! (Everyone should have a Kait in their lives.)


Though Kait did the building, Jen transformed the dollhouse into an adorable little home. If you can believe it (and we are truly having trouble wrapping our brains around this level of artistry), Jennifer handmade all of the furnishings! We don’t know about you, but we’re thinking of hiring her to come make our houses look this good.


Jen added the decorative finishing touches using sample sizes of our products. Not only did Jen use leftover decal samples of our White Peonies and Mini Watercolor Hearts, she also used the Country Hydrangeas wallpaper and our Watercolor Rainbow mural. Just goes to show, no matter the type of sample, it can find a permanent home with the help of a little creativity!

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