10 Beautiful Wall Mural Ideas - Trees, Flowers & Tie Dye

10 Beautiful Wall Mural Ideas - Trees, Flowers & Tie Dye

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Looking for ways to add a change of scenery to your space? We’ve got you covered! Wall murals make it easy to refresh your space with style - without the struggle of traditional wallpaper. From trees and tie-dye designs - these wall murals will transport you to the beach, the forest, the desert, and beyond. PS, are you having trouble *really* imagining these wall murals in your home? Our virtual design assistant allows you to upload a picture of your home and add the different designs with the click of a finger! 

Gorgeous Wall Mural Ideas for Bedrooms, Living Rooms & More

1. Nebula Tie Dye Mural

Bring a bit of bohemian flair to your space with our Nebula Tie Dye Mural. The pattern and neutral color make a statement while adding warmth to a room. Get the look: Nebula Tie Dye Wall Mural

Nebula Tie-Dye Wall Mural


2. Watercolor Crystal Mural

Swirling pastels and rust tones come together in our Watercolor Crystal Mural. Beautiful and whimsical - this mural complements a wide range of spaces from bedrooms to office spaces. Get the look: Watercolor Crystal Mural

Watercolor Crystal Mural

3. Painted Desert Wall Mural

If you’re looking to add subtle elegance and texture to your room, the Painted Desert Wall Mural is a wonderful choice. A perfect balance of minimalism and beauty. (See more designs from our Boheme Collection.) Get the look: Painted Desert Wall Mural.

Painted Desert Wall Mural

4. Into the Woods Wall Mural 

Surround yourself with nature - even from the indoors!  The Into the Woods Wall Mural is inspired by the West Coast mountains as a way to effortlessly welcome a forest of trees in your home. Get the look: Into the Woods Mural.

Into the Woods Wall Mural  

5. Misty Mountain Mural  

Embrace a sense of wonder and adventure to your home with the Misty Mountain Mural. The black and white shades add a statement while complementing your existing furniture. A perfect choice for a kiddo’s bedroom, office space, or nursery.Get the look: Misty Mountain Mural

Misty Mountain Mural

6. Watercolor Rainbow Mural 

For lovers of ombres and pinks, the Watercolor Rainbow Mural infuses magic and wonder to your wall decor. It’s one of our favorite picks for nurseries! Get the look: Watercolor Rainbow Mural

Watercolor Rainbow Wall Mural

7. Painted World Map Wall Mural

Travel lovers and globetrotters, this one’s for you. A perfect way to reflect on the world around you and all the adventures to come - while adding creative flair to your space. Get the look: Painted World Map Mural.

Painted World Map Wall Mural

8. Primrose Wall Mural 

A blend of minimalism and floral flair - the Primrose Wall Mural captures the cottagecore and nature aesthetic. Hand-drawn and painted by Mary Claire Wilkie - this design will give you a garden view from the comfort of your home - or wherever you choose to style this mural! Get the look: Primrose Wall Mural

Primrose Wall Mural

9. Field of Flowers Wall Mural

A room with a view! Our Field of Flowers Wall Mural will make any space pop with vibrance, color, and natural beauty. Add it to your living room, bedroom or even a laundry room. Get the look: Field of Flowers Wall Mural.

Field of Flowers Mural 

10. Cascade Mural 

Blue bliss! The Cascade Mural’s colors and rhythm will transport you into the middle of a receding wave. The perfect choice for ocean lovers. Get the look: Cascade Mural

Cascade Mural

How to Install Wall Murals to Your Space 

Download our full guide for tips and tricks!  It includes all the materials you’ll need, step-by-step directions, and tricks to smooth things out for a beautiful and smooth finish. 

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