Welcome to the Jungle!

Welcome to the Jungle!

Sipping on a Mai Tai, a balmy breeze playing with the tendrils of your hair as the waves crash and the parrots chatter…Whether or not you have time for a vacation this summer, bring the tropics straight into your home! No more wishing for an exotic trip when you can build your very own private island with four decal packs sure to reveal a secret rainforest around every corner.

Ferns & Eucalyptus

Get lost in the lush greens and curling leaves of our Ferns & Eucalyptus decal pack! Each fern has a lovely painted appearance, giving the decals a subtle artistic vibe. With over five fern variations, you’re free to layer and space each freestanding decal in order to achieve the forest oasis that best fits your space. Add a little extra greenery behind pre-existing plants, create a wallpapered look, or layer the ferns to fashion an everlasting garland. Regardless of their arrangement, all you’ll need is a eucalyptus candle to really bring those tropical vibes home.

Palm Fronds & Palm Branches

No one likes coming home from summer vacation, but with our Palm Branch decal pack you can turn your actual home into your vacation home. Transform your space into a lush oasis by layering and spacing palm branches at any angle to achieve a rainforest of tranquility.

Botanical Foliage

Let vegetation grow wild with our Botanical Foliage decal pack! Every pack includes over ten variations of botanical leaves and sprigs in an array of green hues. Our Botanicals have an artistic watercolor look, so you can leave your guests wondering if you’ve uncovered a secret talent and painted them yourself!

For just a smidge of extra greenery, try our Fig Tree decals. These trees are truly an effortless way to bring the great outdoors indoors! Whether or not you’re a gardening wiz, the Fig Trees offer a modern look in soothing greens year round. In other words, you’re getting killer style in an unkillable plant. Plus, you get the perks of being outside without any of the bugs! Or the actual gardening work.

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