The Best 10 Wall Decal Ideas For Textured Walls

The Best 10 Wall Decal Ideas For Textured Walls

From popcorn ceilings to orange peel texture to slab brush, there are dozens of different types of wall textures and finishes. But if you have textured walls, will it change your options for wall decor? Can you still put wall decals on textured walls? These are both questions we’ve heard many times from our customers. In this blog, we’ll cover some tips, ideas, and other things to consider as you decorate your textured walls. 

First, can I put wall decals on textured walls?

Yes! Luckily, there’s no need to give up on your vision because you have textured walls. In fact, at Urbanwalls, we offer many designs in two options: standard wall and textured wall - the latter is specifically designed for textured spaces.

However, we do *highly* recommend you get a sample before you purchase a full pack of decals. This is because every texture is different, so it’s a challenge to say with certainty that the decals will absolutely work in your room. (For instance, popcorn and stucco will be different with wall decals compared to a slab brush finish.) As a general rule, it’s best to order a sample to ensure that your walls pair with the decals in the way you want them to. Note: Keep in mind that our sample decals are smaller and may stick slightly differently than a large-scale design. Just something to remember! 

How to apply wall decals on textured spaces - simple tips

Generally, wall decals will be easier to stick to a surface if it’s flat. So if your walls are textured, you may want to consider smoothing out the wall before adding the wallpaper or decal. This is not a quick process, but it will put you in a good position to get beautiful results. 

That said, if you’re renting or do not want to take that step, we recommend investing in thicker material decals that are designed with textured walls in mind (like our decals for textured walls). Otherwise, the decals will likely stick just fine to the surface, but you might see minor imperfections or bits of texture coming through the decal. 

10 Ideas for Beautiful Wall Decals on Textured Walls

Here’s a look at 10 of the designs available for textured spaces. But remember- we encourage you to order a sample and ensure they work for your space - whether it’s your bedroom, living room, nursery, or kitchen.

For a Minimalist Aesthetic

The Archway Wall Decal

    The Archway Wall Decal

    Subtle and simple, this unique decal has just the right amount of style and color to bring life to a space. Shop now: The Archway Wall Decal

    Watercolor Squares Decals

      Watercolor Squares Wall Decals

      For a minimalist look, these wall decals are gorgeous and give you the creative freedom to style and place them as you choose! Shop now: Watercolor Squares Decals.

      Halo Wall Decal

      Halo Wall Decal

      Add balance and decor to your home with this halo wall decal. We love it over a headboard, dresser, or big piece of furniture. Shop now: Halo Wall Decal.

      Crafted Stones Wall Decals

        Stacking Stones Wall Decal

        This watercolor Stacking Stones Wall Decal is inspired by towering rock formations found throughout desert lands. It’s a lovely way to add embellishment to a wall in a minimalist yet striking way. Shop now: Stacking Wall Decals

        Cute Decals for Nurseries, Nooks, and Bedrooms

        Mini Watercolor Heart Decals

          Mini Watercolor Hearts Wall Decals

          It doesn’t get cuter than these heart decals! They’re small but they make a big, heartfelt statement to any wall. Shop now: Mini Watercolor Heart Decals.

          Watercolor Polka Dot Wall Decals

            Watercolor Polka Dot Wall Decals

            For a burst of color and playfulness, add sweet and simple polka dots to your walls. Shop the look: Watercolor Polka Dot Wall Decals. 

            Little Mermaids Wall Decals

              Little Mermaids Wall Decals

              Transform your little one’s nursery into a sea adventure with these mermaid decals. A perfect ocean-themed scene that adds whimsy and joy to any room. Shop now: Little Mermaids Wall Decals. 

              Vibrant Wall Decals 

              Water and Ink Floral Wall Decals

                Water and Ink Floral Wall Decals

                Your bedroom will be in full bloom with the Water and Ink Floral Wall Decals. Shop now: Water and Ink Floral Wall Decals

                Large Emerald Brush Strokes Wall Decals

                  Large Emerald Brush Stroke Wall Decals

                  Greens, pinks, and yellows come together in a fun and vibrant pattern that complements a variety of spaces - including ones with textured walls!  Shop now: Large Emerald Brushtroke Decals

                  Pink and White Graphic Flowers Wall Decals

                    Pink and White Graphic Flowers Wall Decals

                    Transform your walls into your technicolor, garden dream! Shop now: Pink and White Graphic Flowers Wall Decals

                    Final thoughts: sample, design, and enjoy! 

                    If you have textured walls, it’s by no means a deal breaker for wall decals or wallpaper. But you do want to take a few extra steps and order a sample to confirm it’s a look you love and will be proud to have in your home! For more wall decor ideas and styles, check out our full collection of wall decals for textured walls. 

                    We recently launched our Virtual Design Assistant! The process is simple: you upload a picture of your room and select the wall decor you like. We’ll take care of the rest!


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