Heatwave-style murals

This week’s forecast? It’s going to be a HEATWAVE! (Figuratively, don’t panic!) As much as we absolutely love summer, we know it’s been a hot one this year. Who knew standing in front of the open refrigerator when drinking coffee to keep from overheating could become a favorite pastime? No matter what methods you’ve employed to keep cool, it got us thinking. What if there was a way to enjoy the heat without actually feeling the heat?

Intrigued? If you love summer but don’t love sunburns, we have a solution. Make your own sun. We know you might be sick of the heat outside, but there’s never been a better time to warm up your home décor on the inside with the summer’s hottest products. 

We’ve put together a collection of removable wall decals, wallpaper, wall murals, and art prints to help you make it balmy summertime inside your home year-round. (Or at least until winter when you feel like switching it up for cooler tones!) 

So, is it hot in here or is it just this décor?


Nothing delivers an immersive experience quite like one of our desert or tropical-inspired vinyl wall murals. Many of our chosen “heatwave” wall murals are artistic impressions of shifting sands, mirages, and sunrises or sunsets. Warm tones and textures make your room glow and are available in multiple variations, making it easy to pick the one that’s right for your home! These stunning wall murals are easy-to-install and remove, providing a gorgeous statement wall anywhere in the house.

Wall Murals


Here comes the sun! No, really, we’ve got the removable wall decals that literally bring the sun into your home (Armageddon-level heat sold separately) in both abstract and realistic designs. From decal packs in warm, rust tones to adorable cacti, live where it’s summer all the time.

Wall Decals



From abstract palms to desert stucco, we’ve got hot wallpaper in cool tones to make it the perfect temperature in any space. Inspired by desert textures, bringing dimension and warmth into your home is easier than getting a suntan in the Sahara. 



Brighten up any area of your home with art prints designed to cohesively blend with any of our desert-inspired products. From gorgeous, original photographs of the desert and the tropics to watercolor impressions, mixing and matching a gallery wall or choosing a stand-alone work of art is as fun as it is simple.

Art prints
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