Feeling lucky? Follow our rainbows and you just might fight a pot of gold—or at the very least you’ll find home décor ideas that are as good as gold. 


In honor of spring, Saint Patrick’s Day, and all things rainbow, through March 20th we are offering 15% off all Rainbow products!


Not only does this promotion include art prints, our Rainbow mural, and various great rainbow-themed decal packs, but it also includes two NEW decals!

We’d like to take this opportunity to introducing our Rainbow Watercolor Polka Dot and Pastel Watercolor Polka Dot decal packs. You may be familiar with our other Watercolor Polka Dot decal packs, but we couldn’t be more excited about adding spring and rainbow themes to these crowd favorites.

Ever wish you could take a paintbrush to your walls and let your creativity soar, but fear the mess? We totally get it, which is why we designed our Watercolor Polka Dots decal packs.

Before it was a decal, these Dots were hand-painted on watercolor paper. This design is full of texture and translucence, giving you the actual artist’s rendering, right down to the paper's original texture. In this great set, each dot gives the distinct impression of being painted on the wall. So, you get all the charm, with none of the mess!

At 15% off through March 20th, add your own rainbow to any space. What are you waiting for? Shop Now!

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