Enchanted Forest Photoshoot

Enchanted Forest Photoshoot

As summer begins to fade into autumn, we can’t help but reminisce about some of our favorite warmer weather moments. With the launch of our first ever Summer Collection, we took to the Vancouver-based Stanley Park to display our removable decals, wallpapers, and murals in one of the spaces that inspired their designs—the forest.

In the corners of the whimsical wood, it was easy to imagine botanists from a bygone era sitting and sketching in their field notebooks. It was here that we unfurled panels of our wallpaper and murals, seemingly restoring them to the enchanted forest from whence they were imagined.

Our lovely staff tried something new under the canopy of leafy greens. To showcase the wonder of our Summer Collection, we printed the Secret Garden decals, cutting each out and placing them around the forest floor. We loved seeing our Collection amid the nature that inspired it, hopefully sparking others to catch a vision of what they could create in their own homes.

Our wee models were transformed into fairies using our Madam Butterfly decals (DIY tutorial coming soon!), making themselves at home against a backdrop of our floral decals. As our little fairies delighted themselves in a tea party, it became easy to get lost in the imagination and innocence of the moment. Creating a sacred space for our children to pretend and dream has always been a driving force behind our company. We loved watching that vision bloom as the trees whispered their approval and the birds twittered in agreement.

Have your created a secret space with our Summer Collection? We’d love to see it!

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