Decor Inspiration Board | Whales

Decor Inspiration Board | Whales

Whale Decals Style Inspiration

Swim into sweet dreams with our friendly Whale decal pack! Some of our decals, cute as they are, can leave you feeling stumped. “What could I possibly do with these?” you might be thinking.

For a little inspiration, we put together a style board featuring our Whale decals. We thought these would go swimmingly in a nursery! The best part? With gold accents and a neutral palette, these decals not only make a gorgeous gender-neutral room, but this décor can easily make the transition from nursery to “big kid” room without a redesign!

Want to try them for yourself? Order a pack (or a pod) of your own! And be sure to tag us on Instagram (@urbanwalls) if you’ve already decorated with our Whale decals, we’d love to see how you let these guys swim into your home! #Thesearemyurbanwalls

Nearly Natural 3.5' Plant, Bringing up bebe, Berlin Wall Clock, Cameroon Juju Hat, Malibu Surf and Sky Art, Ellie Crib, Metallic + Pastel Glass Candleholders, Seagrass Basket, Emory Table Lamp-white, Malibu Beaded Chandelier, Moroccan Wedding Pouf, Silver YAY, Seno Storage, Social Aquamarine Bracelet, Double Hanging Rattan Chair, Modern Static Rug

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