Dana Mooney Creative Collaboration

Dana Mooney Creative Collaboration


At Urbanwalls, we love tapping into the creativity of local and international artists. By collaborating and inspiring one another, there’s always a fresh angle, a new design, or a specialized technique to explore. With our Creative Collection, we’re teaming up with some of our favorite artists to generate specialty decals, handcrafted just for your home. Through this collaboration, each talented artist creates a unique line of decals, true to their style and favorite genres, but designed with you and your spaces in mind!

The Creative Collection: Urbanwalls x Dana Mooney is a highly curated line of hand-painted shapes and designs by Vancouver artist Dana Mooney. Dana’s artwork is regularly full of bright and uplifting colors (a trend we are so happy she brought to her collaboration with us). Using an array of gorgeous watercolor shades, the collection is inspired by summer and warm autumn vibes, tapping into the colors of desert sands and sunsets, dusky dips in the ocean, sea glass, and west coast surf. With every brushstroke and hue, The Creative Collection: Urbanwalls x Dana Mooney embodies that peaceful transition from late summer to early fall. Together, we strived to generate a line that looks fresh and dynamic in every space, while saturating your home in easygoing calm.

Interested in following Dana’s work, inspiration, or process?
Be sure to check out her website at or her Instagram (@danamooneyart).

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