Boho Glam Big Girl Bedroom Reveal

Boho Glam Big Girl Bedroom Reveal

So often kids’ rooms can feel a little overcrowded and noisy. They’re constantly changing and developing, which can make it a challenge to create a space that they can grow with, instead of growing out of a style they once loved.

Home renovator Leslie (of The Leslie Style) is amazingly talented at crafting cohesive spaces. Seriously, if you haven’t checked out her house—it’s amazing! As her daughter Juliette was about to turn five, Leslie set to work, developing a concept for a new “big girl” room that would truly last Juliette until she was much older. Not to mention, her new bedroom goes with the rest of their already-gorgeous home. (That’s the dream, isn’t it?)

Using our Isla Vista Wallpaper in Dusty Rose against the back wall, Leslie carried the arabesque pattern throughout the room in the form of mirrors and candle sconces.

“I’ve totally fallen in love with [the pattern], how it’s both modern and feminine….love that tension!” Leslie stated on her blog.

Leslie didn’t even need to use our wallpaper on more than one wall for a big impact. Using strategically placed mirrors in Juliette’s room, she brought depth into the design as each mirror reflected the Dusty Rose color of our Isla Vista paper.

“My hope was that through pattern, textures, and a little glam, that I could arrive at a space she would love” Leslie wrote on her blog. “Spoiler alert: she loves it!! Like she really does!”

So glad we could help!

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