6 Beautiful Nursery Wall Mural Ideas to Brighten A Little One's Room

6 Beautiful Nursery Wall Mural Ideas to Brighten A Little One's Room

6 Beautiful Nursery Wall Mural Ideas

A little one’s nursery – also known as a “sleep sanctuary” – is a place of rest, growth, and exploration. For many, it’s where they sleep, feed, enjoy storytime, and have some of their “firsts.” Since a nursery is often the first place a little one gets to call their own, we compiled a round-up of wall murals to make the walls full of personality, just like them! From neutral pastels to bold patterns, there are so many ways to add beauty to your walls with peel-and-stick wall murals.

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Are these peel-and-stick wall murals easily removable?

Yes! We know it’s important to make decorating your little one’s room easy, especially as their tastes are constantly evolving! It’s one of the many reasons we ensure our decals, murals, and wallpapers are designed to be added and removed with ease. So don’t worry about these murals causing damage to your walls. They’re specially made to leave your walls as they were.

Flowers, Pastels & Trees: 6 Gorgeous Nursery Wall Mural Decor Ideas

1. For Desert Chic Vibes: Sandswept Wall Mural

For Desert Chic Vibes: Sandswept Wall Mural

Bring a sense of the Sahara desert to your little one’s nursery with the Sandswept Wall Mural. It’s designed with a delicate mingling of watercolor, soft dimensions, and texture. Shop now: Sandswept Wall Mural.

2. For a Garden Oasis: East of Eden Wall Mural

For a Garden Oasis: East of Eden Wall Mural

A nursery will be in full bloom with this East of Eden Wall Mural. It features larger-than-life florals, illustrated with vintage tones, overlapping foliage, and wildflowers. Get the look: East of Eden Wall Mural.

3. For a Pastel Dream: Watercolor Rainbow Wall Mural

Watercolor Rainbow Wall Mural

Rainbows are magical, whether they’re after a rainstorm or a bedroom wall. The Watercolor Rainbow Mural uses pastel pinks, yellows, oranges, and blues, blending the colors into the perfect natural ombre. Shop now: Watercolor Rainbow Wall Mural.

4. For a Mountain Landscape: Misty Mountain Mural

Misty Mountain Mural

Immerse your little one in nature. This Misty Mountain Mural brings you into the heart of a forest surrounded by a mist of opaque clouds. Adventure awaits! Shop now: Misty Mountain Mural.

5. For Artsy Beauty: Watercolor Crystal Mural

Watercolor Crystal Mural

If you’re looking to bring artistic beauty to your walls, look no further. The Watercolor Crystal Wall Mural blends warm blush, coral, and rust tones together, blurring into one beautiful cohesive painting. Shop now: Watercolor Crystal Mural.

6. For a Forest-Bathing Experience: Into the Woods Wall Mural

Into the Woods Wall Mural

Adventure awaits! This Into the Woods Wall Mural is designed with texture, greenery, clouds, and, most of all, a love of exploration. You’ll feel like you’re forest-bathing from your bedroom! Shop now: Into the Woods Wall Mural.


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