12 Southwestern Decor Ideas We Love for Winter

12 Southwestern Decor Ideas We Love for Winter

Southwestern decor can take on a variety of looks. To one person, it may be adding touches of cacti or bursts of color with patterned blankets and throw pillows. For others, it may be going with rustic accessories and an earthy color palette. Either way, we think it’s one of the most popular decor trends because it’s loaded with color, personality, and rich history. To help you embrace southwestern decor in your home, we rounded up a dozen wall decor ideas (wall decals, wallpaper, and wall murals) that’ll give your home a desert-chic feel!

A Brief Background on Southwestern Style 

At the core, Southwestern style is largely influenced by native Spanish and Indian cultures, along with the natural terrain. HGTV describes Southwestern style with words like “casual comfort” and “organic” with a mix of earthy colors and vibrant bursts of yellow, orange, and turquoise. For example, if you search Southwestern decor in Google Images, you’ll likely see a lot of cacti, orange hues, and geometric patterns. 

Some popular colors for a Southwestern style range from terracotta/rust to yellow to cobalt blue, along with beige, violet, and turquoise. 

12 Southwestern-Meets-Modern Decor Ideas - Wall Decals, Wallpaper, and Murals

From desert-themed patterns to decals with rustic vibes, here are 12 Southwestern meets modern decor ideas for your walls.  If you’re worried about making a long-term commitment, remember that our wall decals are easy to install and easy to remove. That way, you can enjoy them and swap them as you please. 

Wall Murals: Tie Dye and Desert-Themed

  • Nebula Tie Dye Wall Mural
Nebula Tie Dye Wall Mural

Get the look: Nebula Tie Dye Wall Mural.

  • Swirling Sands Wall Mural
Swirling Sands Wall Mural

Get the look: Swirling Sands Wall Mural.

  • Painted Desert Wall Mural
Painted Desert Wall Mural

Get the look: Painted Desert Wall Mural.

Wall Decals: Shapes to Plants

  • Southwest Lines Wall Decal
Southwest Lines Wall Decal

Get the look: Southwest Lines Wall Decal.

  • Clay Shapes Wall Decal
Clay Shapes Wall Decal

Get the look: Clay Shapes Wall Decal.

  • Desert Plant Wall Decals
Desert Plant Wall Decals

Get the look: Desert Plant Wall Decals.

  • Marble Stones Wall Decal
Marble Stones Wall Decal

Get the look: Marble Stones Wall Decal

  • Sunscape Wall Decals
Sunscape Wall Decals

Get the look: Sunscape Wall Decals.

  • Arizona Stripes Wall Decals
Arizona Stripes Wall Decals

Get the look: Arizona Stripes Wall Decals

Art Prints: Textured & Colorful

  • Abstract Burst Art Print
Abstract Burst Art Print

Get the look: Abstract Burst Art Print.

  • Sunscape Art Print
Sunscape Art Print

Get the look: Sunscape Art Print


  • Scalloped Stucco Wallpaper
Scalloped Stucco Wallpaper

Get the look: Scalloped Stucco Wallpaper.

Bonus: 3 tips to decorate your home with southwestern style

In addition to wall decor, here are three easy ways to embrace the Southwestern-style in your home.

  • Incorporate Bursts of Color

Toss a bright blanket or a few textured throw pillows on a couch. 

  • Warm a Room with Wood & Natural Elements

Textured wall hangings, rugs, and beautiful ceramics are all ways to warm up your home with a Southwestern feel. 

  • Add Greenery 

If you’ve made it this far, you’ve seen cacti mentioned multiple times already! But one of the easiest ways to make your home stylish with a Southwest twist is by adding a cactus or two in your home. Just be careful if you have little ones and pets! They’re non-toxic, but they are prickly! 

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