Mia Parres

Mia's childhood, steeped in creativity and artistry, set the stage for her remarkable career. With parents deeply ingrained in the arts, Mia's path was influenced by her father's architectural prowess and her mother's captivating art direction. The allure of architecture initially beckoned, but the seamless transition into interior design felt unquestionably natural. Mia's journey further unfolded behind the scenes of television, eventually propelling her into the limelight as an on-camera designer for HGTV.

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Mia Parres Home & Design

The exquisite Heritage Collection reflects Mia Parres' deeply meaningful and layered approach to authentic curation, promising to enchant and inspire.


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Delve into Mia Parres' mesmerizing new collection, crafted by an expert in creating breathtaking spaces that captivate and ignite inspiration. Embrace the essence of nature with earthy tones, woodland motifs, and innovative modern design.