Bring Every Animal to Life in Your Child's Room

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our Animal Kingdom wallpaper collection, featuring five stunning designs:

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The Wonder Of Nature

It took 8 months of contemplation and creativity, but the breakthrough came when I envisioned animal portraits in frames. This idea evolved into creating a wallpaper that featured not just a few, but an entire room of framed animals. We realized that we could cater to kids who love specific groups of animals, from farm animals to jungle dwellers.

The Urbanwalls team embarked on a journey to develop the perfect collection. Each design is delightful and sweet, capable of transforming a room from a nursery to a tween’s sanctuary. The animals, both adult and baby, each have a unique charm that invites children to dream and explore.

When we installed the wallpaper in my daughter’s room, she immediately wanted to move her bed to reveal every animal. The design is airy and bright, with carefully curated white space to prevent clutter.


Featuring a variety of animals

Animal Kingdom Wallpaper

Immerse your child in a realm of awe with our diverse mix of creatures, crafted to spark curiosity. From majestic elephants to playful dolphins, each adds charm to their vibrant animal-themed sanctuary. Perfect for nurturing creativity and a lifelong love for nature.

Woodland Animal Wallpaper Murals Urbanwalls

Friendly creatures from the woods.

Woodland Animal Wallpaper

Enter a magical forest realm with our whimsical woodland friends, inviting exploration. From wise owls to playful squirrels, each creature sparks imagination in their cozy sanctuary. Ideal for creating a serene retreat where nature's warmth fills every corner.

Farm Animal Wallpaper Murals Urbanwalls

Cute animals from the farm

Farm Animal Wallpaper

Transport your child to a rustic countryside with our adorable farmyard companions. From fluffy sheep to quirky chickens, each adds rustic charm to their playful haven. Perfect for fostering imagination and creating cherished memories in their cozy space.


Wild and exotic jungle animals

Jungle Animal Wallpaper

Venture into an exotic realm as you infuse your child's room with wild jungle spirits. From majestic lions to colorful parrots, each inhabitant brings tropical vibrancy. Let their imagination soar in this adventurous sanctuary, where discovery awaits in every corner.


Adorable puppies of various breeds

Puppy Love Wallpaper

Wrap your child's room in cozy charm with adorable pups of all breeds. From floppy-eared Labradors to tiny Chihuahuas, each adds sweetness to their sanctuary. This heartwarming design creates a joyful space for play, dreams, and growth.