Under the Sea

Under the Sea

Take a dive into a world of underwater majesty with our new Mermaids and Seahorses decal packs “shore” to fill your space with total sea-renity! Hand-painted by our very own artist Mary Clare Wilkie, you can mix and match these two sticker sets to create an aquatic mural or use them individually for a more uniform look. Let’s take a closer peek at these bubbling buddies, shall we?

Making their grand debut on the UW website, our Mermaids pack includes water beauties with flowing hair in every shade—black, red, brown, blonde, and everything in between. Plus, these sweet sirens come in larger and smaller sizes (“Little Mermaids”, if you will) to fit your desired space. Pair either size of sleeping mermaids alongside the included watercolored waves, starfish, and seashells of playful seafoam and brightest blue!


These friendly nautical neighbors are available in packs of blue, pink, coral, and lilac! And if you should find yourself torn between two colors, why not purchase both to create a multicolored ocean scene for your bedroom, bathroom, or nursery? For an extra layer of variation, our Seahorses come facing both left and right, giving the scene a natural look. Each pack contains 14 freestanding, oversized Seahorse sidekicks to space and place any way you wish.

We can’t wait to see how you styled our Seahorses and Mermaids! Be sure to upload your designs to Instagram and tag us using @urbanwalls and #thesearemyurbanwalls so we can take a swim through your new space!

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