Styling Watercolor Wildflowers With Sukhi

Styling Watercolor Wildflowers With Sukhi

We love joining forces with beautiful brands to create stunning spaces. Recently, we worked with Sukhi, a rug retailer that sources their designs straight from the artists that weave them. From India, Morocco, Nepal, and Turkey, Sukhi has assembled an international group of talented artisans that create made-to-order, one-of-a-kind rugs.

Free from middlemen, Sukhi is able to directly care for their artisans, offering great pay and excellent working conditions. In fact, each rug is actually named for its weaver! Sukhi even encourages their customers to reach out if they have an idea for a specific look for their rug. In other words, they’ll work with you to bring your design to life! Gotta say, we love that at Urbanwalls. Sometimes the ideas in our heads just don’t match what’s in stores.

But then again, in Nepal “Sukhi” means “happy”, so honestly, why should we be surprised at their stellar customer service? And Sukhi DID make us ecstatically happy by gifting one of their gorgeous, Indian woolen loop rugs to the Urbanwalls warehouse and office.

Although this rug is incredibly versatile with its neutral tones, we decided it deserved décor that was equally light and clean. Cue a fun little nursery composite using our Watercolor Wildflowers and Floral Alphabet Letters!

We can hardly believe how well our Floral Letters and Watercolor Wildflowers blend together—in fact, if you didn’t know they were two separate packs, you probably wouldn’t even realize! Using our Floral Letters, personalize your space by ordering an initial or even spelling out an entire name.

For this nursery, we chose the letter “K”, arranging it over the crib as a focal point. Afterward, we tacked the Watercolor Wildflowers around the remaining wall space, ensuring perfect placement before peeling the adhesive.

Take a look at the finished product! Honestly, the Sukhi rug is perfect addition to this space. So, what are you waiting for? Hurry over to Sukhi for your very own hand-woven rug. Nothing ties a room together better, especially considering you can create your own design with them!

Pssst…before you go, have you used our Watercolor Wildflowers or Floral Letters yet? We’d love to see your spaces! Upload your photos to Instagram using the tags @urbanwalls and #thesearemyurbanwalls, so we can all drool over your designs.

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