One Decal Two Ways — Greyscale Florals

One Decal Two Ways — Greyscale Florals

The time is always right for fresh design ideas. In honor of spring, we are “springing” some new installation ideas for one our old favorites—Greyscale Florals! These ornate and intricate decals are a wonderful option if you’d like to employ a floral look, while staying color-neutral. Nothing allows you to mix fabulous, furniture statement pieces like a black and white wall!

Before we get started, remember to cut around your decals using scissors. We know, it feels SO counter-intuitive to cut around these gorgeous flowers, but it will allow you more freedom in how you design your wall.

After cutting the blooms free, use painters tape to tack the decals to the wall before peeling the adhesive back, ensuring your design is exactly as you want it.

 Speaking of designs, let’s talk options, shall we?


Instead of a clustered look, why not a cascading one? Arranging your blooms closely, layer the decals over one another to create a cascading waterfall of florals. Like all flower art, there’s not necessarily a right or wrong, or even a specific shape you must achieve. Work around existing décor and furniture togive yourself an everlasting arrangement, the perfect springtime focal point for a reading nook or favorite corner.


All of our flower decals look great spaced throughout a wall, and we are pleased to say that our Greyscale Florals are no exception! The lovely thing about using flowers to decorate is that there is rarely an incorrect way to situate them throughout your space. For this look, we did not choose an even or measured spacing. We simply tacked the flowers to the wall in a manner that was pleasing to the eye, overlapping some in larger clusters, while leaving smaller blooms out to offset the design. The key is to have negative space throughout the design, allowing a feeling of movement throughout the space!

So tell us, how do you plan on styling our Greyscale Floral decals? Or have you already installed them? We’d love to see photos! Be sure to find us on Instagram (@urbanwalls ) and use our hashtag (#thesearemyurbanwalls) so we can take a peek!

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