Modern Americano Baby Boy Room

Ok I have to be honest... My son Mattias is 4 and I finally decorated his room only about 5 months ago for the first time. I know.. it's shameful.. I wanted to be like most moms and have everything ready for when he was born but I just had so many excuses to not decorate it.. First, I wanted to see what we were having. Boy or Girl? Then, all our money went towards diapers, diapers and more diapers.. lastly, I quickly noticed that I gave birth to the busiest, most curious boy to ever walk the face of the earth. Have you ever seen the movie "Marley and Me"?? well that about sums up Mattias. Sweet and loveable and the cutest thing I ever layed eyes on but boy did that boy get into everything. I'm talking tear the closet apart, mattress on the floor, blinds off the window busy.. All this to say that I wasn't too excited to put the money out to create a cute space for him to dismantle in the course of 5 minutes.. So, we boarded up the windows and put a mattress on the floor.. great mama right?

Well, the time has finally come where I decided to decorate a room for both my boys.. Re-painted, new beds, new bedding, wall decals and floating shelves. The not-so-funny part? It took all of two days till one of the shelves was ripped off the wall. Nice! I have yet to fill those holes and paint again.. What's the use?

I thought this is a pretty cute idea for a baby boy room. Don't you think? Maybe I'll use some of these ideas if I ever have another (calmer) baby boy.

1. Light Fixture 2. Deer Head 3. Crib 4. Stud Pillow 5. Floor Rug 6. Etsy Prints 7. Rocking Chair 8. Airplane Decal 9. Pouf 10. Chevron Stripe Lamp 11. Dresser

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