Floral Paradise

I am a HUGE fan of super girly and feminine spaces. Maybe it's because I simply don't have the option for it in my own home being surrounded by boys but when I see a girly space I fall a little head over heels. Flowers, pink and swirls, oh my!! The options are endless! and what I love even more is that wallpaper from Anthropologie. Isn't it pretty? I think it would look so stunning as an accent wall behind the crib. Gahh!!!

1. Chandelier 2. Wallpaper 3. Mongolian Toss Cusion 4. Rosa Toss Cushion 5. Coat of Arms Mirror 6. Nose to Nose 8x10 print 7. Circle Letter Wall Decal 8. Madison Crib 9. Accent Chair 10. Table Lamp 11. Bubble Ceramic Side Table

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