Doll House Decal DIY

Doll House Decal DIY

Spark a world of make believe and imagination with our Doll House Decal Set! Created to fit the IKEA Flisat Doll House/ Wall Shelf perfectly, your children can choose what mini wallpapers to hang and where each magical fairy door will lead.

Installation is easy—not to mention a fun craft to do together with your kiddos! Follow a few simple steps to create a woodland-inspired cottage.

  1. Gather a few simple tools:
    • Exacto knife
    • Scissors
    • Plastic card or mini squeegee
  2. Peel & place the outside decals first in the following order:

    1. Wood paper on the outer walls
    2. Windows
    3. Roof
    4. Brick chimney

Match & install the wallpaper panels with their corresponding-sized rooms

  • Use a squeegee or credit card to smooth out any bubbles that may occur

Customize your dollhouse by placing the freestanding decals wherever your littles wish! 

Looking for something even more unique? You can pick your own “mini” wallpaper by ordering a sample of any wallpaper or mural offered on our site. Plus, each sample is only $7, so you can follow your creativity wherever it may lead!

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